How to Get Rich with Notes

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July 22, 2021
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How to Get Rich with Notes

By Tom Henderson

In my real estate exchanging days, I would often give talks to real estate and exchange groups about money, cash, and notes, and how these three can be combined to increase your money making power. To be really smart in real estate and exchanging, (which is simply buying and selling) you must absorb the idea that all money is not cash, all cash is not money, and notes can be both. When you take back a note, or trade a note for something else of value, you have made that note a form of money. Since notes can be used the same as money, let’s look at some of the different ways notes can be used to acquire real estate and make you richer in all your investing.  


 1. Create A Note On Existing Property And Trade For Real Estate Or Personal Property

 2. Buy With Cash And Sell With Paper.  Keep The Note 

 3. Trade Existing Note At Face Value For Real Estate Or Personal Property 

 4. Trade Note At A Discount For Real Estate Or Personal Property

 5. Trade Good Paper At Face Value For Bad Paper At A Discount; Then Fix The Problem 

 6.  Buy Note At A Discount And Trade At Face Value 

 7.   Wrap An Existing Note (Increase Yields)

 8.   Refinance, And Then Sell Using A Second Or Wrap

 9. “Walk” The Note To Other Property 

10. Hypothecate The Note 

11. Sell With Note The Sell All The Payments 

12. Make Change (Break Up Note)

13. Buy With Cash, Sell With Note Then Sell A Partial 

14. Buy Your Own Note Before Selling Or Refinancing 

15. Buy At Wholesale, Trade At Face And Crank Cash 

16. Build In A discount 

17. Compensating Cash Flows 

18. Bust Balloons 

19. Blanket Mortgages 

20. Sweetener, Plus Paper, Then Buy Or Exchange.  

I stopped at 20 possibilities because the number of wealth increasing techniques using notes is never ending…especially when you combine some of these incredibly powerful note tools. Remember, that wealth building ‘options’ are endless using the power of notes.   

Did I just mention the word “options”? Do you know how many money making “option techniques” there are using notes? First, there is…………mmmmmmm……..there are too many to tell you about here.  KNOW that notes are a money-making tool to be used in the real estate profession. A tool that you must learn, if you want to maximize your wealth with real estate investments.  

Knowledge is Power!

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Keep Learning.  

Food for Thought in This Article:  All Money is Not Cash; All Cash Is Not Money; and Notes Can Be Both. 

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  1. Tom says:

    Wraps can be profitable.

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